Thank you for your interest in Studio Oh! We are always looking for new and creative artwork for our products. Please submit samples of your artwork to our senior art director by following the guidelines below.

1. Before you submit your artwork to us for consideration, please review our products and the types of art styles we use (www.studiooh.com and www.orangecirclestudio.com).


2. Ask yourself whether your artwork fits our style and our brand. If the answer is “yes,” continue with step 3.

3. Select the best samples that represent your style, and send a PDF file of no more than five letter-size pages to shelleyb@orangecirclestudio.com.

4. Please DO NOT send multiple separate jpeg files or multiple emails. If we need to see additional samples, we will contact you.

5. Please understand that we receive a tremendous number of submissions and we do not have time to reply to every one of them. Please do not call our office; if we are interested in using your artwork, we will contact you.

Thank you, again, for your interest in Studio Oh!